Shankz Black Light Miniature Golf

Unique Glowing Experience! Family Fun,

Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Fundraising!

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Partner Share with Shankz!  Earn $$$ for your cause.

Give your donators the time of their lives, and have your fundraising event at Shankz.


We 'found' Shankz through a Groupon ad and are glad we did. We were looking for a putt-putt place that was closer to Conroe than Humble. We were pleasantly surprised with Shankz. My wife and our best friends went to Shankz on a Wednesday night and had a blast! The indoor 18-hole course with the black lights made it fun. We even did the air cannon room (guys vs. gals) and had even more fun shooting at each other than trying to score! It wasn't crowded at all (but it was a weeknight), and very CLEAN! The lady at the counter was quite friendly, pleasant, and professional. Took the time to 're-educate' us on the rules of putt-putt. Adults... Take the kids and have a blast!  - RIck Wyatt


Amplify your fundraising event with our 3-D glasses. Play our golf course in 3-D with our special ChromaDepth 3-D glasses for an even different experience.

Give your donators an experience in 3D

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