Shankz Black Light Miniature Golf

Unique Glowing Experience! Family Fun,

Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Fundraising!

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We'll stay open for you

If you have a group of 50 people or more, Shankz will consider opening early or closing later for you. You must pay for at least 50 people at general admission rates (no group discounts or coupons accepted). Other special provisions are available. Contact us today!


Call to schedule your group outing at Shankz.


Are you within 2 hours of arriving?  

Call Ahead!

936-273-4569, Prompt 1

 STORE HOURS (Closed until further notice):

           Mon:      Closed    

            Tues:     Closed

            Wed:     Closed

            Thur:     Closed

               Fri :     Closed

               Sat:     Closed

              Sun:    Cllosed


Please note, we take our last golfers 30 mins before closing time.


Hours of Operations

For those times when we're really busy. Call ahead up to 2 hours to be added to our Wait List and help us manage our golf course traffic. This will also save you from waiting in a long line, giving you the optimal Shankz experience.

Wait without all the Waiting



                        Open til Midnight on Fridays & Saturdays!

Due to our wait list app's restrictions, 2 hours is the maximum time allowed on the wait list.